The Venue

A new single storey building of around 400 square feet, designed in keeping with the surroundings, will be constructed within the grounds to serve first as the Project office and later as the administration and booking office. The relationship between the external space and the buildings works well and a beautiful garden and car park for around 30 vehicles will be developed at the rear of the Church together with an efficient drop off/collection point along the Church frontage.

Two distinct spaces will be created within the building to be used for a diverse range of activities on a seven day per week basis. A demountable stage of around 80 square metres will be installed in the Church Floor and banks of retractable seats and loose seating will replace the existing pews to be used for theatre and other live productions while still allowing for banqueting and conferencing functions. Seating capacity in theatre style will be from 500 up to 700 depending on whether the transepts are used for seating in addition to the nave.

In banqueting style, the seating capacity will be up to 400, making TCMC one of the largest banqueting venues in Renfrewshire. The Church Floor will also be used for theatre, opera, ballet and pantomime as well as a music venue for rock, folk and classical artists. There will be a full audio and visual rig as well as facilities for specialist cinema nights. A new 4-person 400 kg lift with disabled access will be installed between the Church Floor and the Ballroom to supplement the existing staircases